The notion that the consumption of sugar is linked to cancer is a small part of a bigger issue that many modern day diseases are related. The over consumption of sugar is a main factor in health problems such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease. The link between these issues is well recognized, and there has been a push from governments to limit sugar consumption to save on the government’s medical costs.

Sugar is unnatural for the body to digest. Because the body is not made to process a lot of sugar, it causes mitochondrial dysfunction. When the body burns sugar, it generates many free radicals which then causes mitochondrial damage and cell membrane and protein impairment.

Chronic overeating adds stress to cells, which ultimately causes them to lessen their sensitivity to insulin receptors. This stresses cells by the overload of work placed on them, which promotes insulin resistance. Consequently, the body becomes diseased with chronic illnesses, including cancer.

Limiting sugar results in limited nourishment for cancerous cells. Sugar and excessive protein are the food source for cancer cells, which can not burn other nutrients such as carbs or fat for fuel. Being able to only survive on sugar, avoiding this in a diet is the first way to combat cancer.

Reducing daily intake of fructose from all sources, including fruit, is beneficial to anyone’s health. Cancer patients, especially, should limit their sugar intake to as close to zero as possible. The easiest way to do this is to eat only real, whole foods. Processed foods often contain a lot of sugar that can easily be avoided by eating fresh, single-ingredient foods.

Current dietary guidelines are flawed, as their recommendations for the consumption of fats is not broken down into healthy fats and unhealthy fats. It is important to remember that when certain foods such as sugar and trans fats are cut out of a diet, they should be replaced with healthy fuel for the body.

Unfortunately, the government, with financial benefit in mind, has done nothing to reduce the national intake of sugar and corn syrup. Sugar and corn syrup are inexpensive and can be mass produced to feed everyone several times over. The government’s decision to subsidize processed, sugary foods instead of fresh produce has a major impact on American’s eating habits because people will eat what is available and inexpensive. Processed foods offer little nutritional value or usable fuel for the body, and their outstanding levels of sugar result in such diseases as obesity and cancer. Making real food, such as fresh produce, more available for citizens could certainly reverse the downward health trend.

Cancer screening is looked at to be the best form of cancer prevention, but in reality, it is early diagnosis, not prevention. The vast majority of cancer can be prevented with lifestyle changes and basic common sense strategies to properly feed the body. Cutting out sugar is one of the easiest way to starve cancer cells from growing and reduce the overall risk for being diagnosed with cancer.

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