Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which service is best for me?

    The best way to discover what service would work best for your lifestyle goals, time and budget is to start with a consultation.  These are free of charge and can be done in person or on the phone.  Go HERE to schedule a phone consult.

  • I am a beginner and am worried the semi-private will have to many people more experienced than me. What should I do?

    The semi-private memberships we have are a great option for those on a tight budget that still want the benefits of a comprehensive Sunshine Health And Fitness service.  While there can be as many as (but limited to no more than..) 4 people in a group, each person is individually working on what it is that they need to work on.  This is why it is NOT like a normal fitness class.  It is not uncommon for a semi-private session to have all 4 people working on things that are completely different for one another.  Our trainers are specifically trained to be able to monitor everyone efficiently at once.  While everyone may be working on different things, everyone has the same goal in mind – to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle and improve their quality of life.  This creates a very supportive and social, but productive environment. Learn more about our semi-private memberships HERE.

  • How is this different from a gym?

    At a gym, you are basically paying a rental fee in exchange for being able to access and use a variety of different types of fitness equipment.  A gym doesn’t focus on the individual, they are focused on how many people sign up for memberships.  At Sunshine Health And Fitness we are all about the individual and everything is set up specifically for this individual.  We ARE right next to a gym in Newtown, CT, and have worked out discounted membership opportunities for our members, however, Sunshine Health And Fitness is NOT a gym.  When you sign up with us everything is personalized to your needs and you get a full spectrum of wellness of services to take advantage of.

  • How is this different from regular personal training?

    There are a variety of ways that our memberships and services are much more productive and efficient than regular personal training.  Our memberships include not just personal training but several other health and wellness services to provide a full spectrum of wellness.  Nutritional counseling, life coaching, regular assessments, program creation, online programs, online magazines, support groups, workshops, and seminars, and much more are always part of any of our memberships.  Our goal is to focus on the whole person and not just exercise.

  • What is the cost?

    For the value that our members receive, our prices are exceptional.  There are several tiers for each type of membership or service we offer but the range is as low as a cup of coffee a day and as high as a lunch out a day.  In other words, $3-$20 per day, depending on the membership.  For all the different kinds of services you get, it’s an incredible opportunity to invest in your health and wellness.

  • Does insurance cover any of your services?

    It depends on your insurance plan.  Everyone’s coverage is different.  While we do work with medical facilities and their patient bases, we are not a medical facility and are therefore are not set up to bill insurance.  We have had members submit invoices themselves and get reimbursement but it depends on your risk factors and how your insurance covers preventative care.  To find out if your insurance covers any of our services you should start by calling your insurance company and seeing what they will cover from a standpoint of preventative care and then ask what they will cover in the realm of fitness or nutrition coaching.  You may be required to get a note from your doctor stating that the service is necessary to address a risk factor.

  • Do I need to sign a contract?

    When you sign up for a membership at Sunshine Health And Fitness you will be asked to a form that 1) allows us to charge a credit/debit card or withdraw from your bank account and 2) to ensure you understand our cancellation policy.  This form does NOT bind you a certain term or time period.  Any person is free to cancel payments or change/cancel memberships at any time by notifying us.

  • What is the online/mobile program?

    Our online membership gives people the ability to take advantage of our services without having to come into the studio regularly.  This is perfect for people that don’t live locally or have hectic schedules.  We have spent a lot of time developing a mobile app and online platform that makes it easy to access all of our services.  In addition, this membership also includes push notifications and reminders so you don’t miss a session, regular progress tracking, instructional, motivational and educational videos, regular coaching sessions and much more.

  • I don’t really have the time or money to commit to a membership now. Do you have a service for me?

    Absolutely!  Visit our automated online/mobile programs store HERE.  In this store, you can choose what program best suits the goals you’re trying to achieve.  There is a ONE TIME cost and you get automatic access to a health and fitness program that has everything you will need – workouts, meal plans, nutrition tracking, instructional videos, motivational coaching and videos and much more.

  • How many times a week do I see someone personally?

    That depends on the membership option you choose.  We have options for people that don’t need as much help and only need to see a trainer/wellness specialist 1x per month, as well as options for people that can come in 3-4x per week.

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